Los Alamos Rodeo 2011
Aug 15, 2011Public
Photo: Watering the horses
Photo: What are you doing in my watering trough
Photo: Innocent sheep
Photo: Mean-looking bull
Photo: Cowboys biding their time
Photo: Girls out for a ride
Photo: Playing around the livestock trailer
Photo: Preparing the arena
Photo: Quiet time before the rodeo starts
Photo: Faceoff
Photo: Judging shack
Photo: Preparing the food
Photo: Out for a ride
Photo: Farrier shoeing a horse
Photo: Cowboy testing his riding strap
Photo: This year's sweetheart
Photo: Pretty braids
Photo: Opening ceremony procession led by the Rodeo Queen, followed by last year's Queen
Photo: National anthem
Photo: Mutton busting gets started
Photo: Off to a bad start