Alaska cruise 2007 - Hansons
Apr 9, 2008Public
Photo: Map of itinerary
Photo: Juneau on a misty morning
Photo: Helicopter ride to see glaciers
Photo: Cruise ship sailing up Gastineau Channel
Photo: Glacier along Taku River
Photo: Blue ice!
Photo: Jeannene and Ken; helicopter parked on glacier along Taku River
Photo: Blue crevasse
Photo: Our helicopter pilot
Photo: Blue ice field
Photo: Aerial view of downtown Juneau
Photo: View to north, shipping channel to Juneau
Photo: Governor's mansion
Photo: Moss in rain forest near Outer Point, Douglas Island
Photo: Guided walk through rain forest
Photo: Shipping channel
Photo: Stony beach
Photo: Moss grows everywhere
Photo: Skunk cabbage
Photo: Twisty moss
Photo: Falls in Tracy Arm
Photo: Floating blue ice
Photo: Falls in Tracy Arm
Photo: Tracy Arm, ice from Sawyer Glaciers