200803 - kitchen remodel
Apr 8, 2008Public
Photo: Before remodel - cooktop and hood.
Photo: Before remodel - oak cabinets and tile floor.
Photo: Before remodel - sink and passthrough.
Photo: Beginning of project - lIving room filled with stuff from kitchen and laundry room.
Photo: Laundry room under construction; oak cabinets from kitchen look good here.
Photo: Laundry room under construction - washer/dryer nook.
Photo: Ruby trying to figure out what is happening.
Photo: Ruby catches some rays on the new cherry kitchen floor.
Photo: New cherry cabinets going in.
Photo: Corian (Earth) being installed.
Photo: Buffing out the seam between two Corian slabs.
Photo: The seam is gone!
Photo: Now, that is beginning to look like a kitchen!
Photo: Oiling the laundry room floor - WOCA Master Oil applied to scaled and stained Boston birch with 17-in. buffer using red pad.
Photo: Finished laundry floor - oiled Boston birch, hand scaled with dark stain.
Photo: Finished kitchen floor - scaled cherry, oiled with WOCA Master Oil.
Photo: Greg prepares pallet for texturing patch in ceiling.
Photo: Pallet used to dab plaster onto ceiling.
Photo: Plaster blobs smoothed out with float.
Photo: Finished result matches original texture.
Photo: Sanding plaster without dust!! Special handle for sanding screen allows vacuum to suck dust through wire sanding screen.
Photo: Vacuum (1½ HP) pulls air and dust through bucket half-filled with water, which filters out dust.
Photo: Wall is textured with device that spits small blobs of plaster onto surface.
Photo: Spagna Vetro 218 Z2 cooktop range hood - what's in the box: hood with fan housing on top, 6-inch accordion duct with adapters, behind it upper and lower support boxes connected together, lower chimney, and behind it the upper chimney extension.