200906-Alaska Inside Passage
Jul 5, 2009Public
Photo: Our route from Juneau to Ketchikan, sailing with Cruise West on the Spirit of Endeavour. We visited Juneau, Haines, Skagway, Glacier Bay, Sitka, Petersburg, Metlakatla, and Ketchikan.
Photo: Large cruise ship (on left) and our ship, the Spirit of Endeavour (on right), sailing into Juneau
Photo: Spirit of Endeavour at dock in Juneau
Photo: Ravens tussling midair, Juneau
Photo: Some of us went to the rain forest near Juneau (courtesy of Harold Holcomb, hereafter designated by HEH)
Photo: Devil's club is ubiquitous
Photo: Duck crossing the road with her ducklings, near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Moss on rock
Photo: Arctic tern feeding its chick near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Arctic tern feeding its chick near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Beaver caught in salt water near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Beaver scratching itself near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Large waterfall near Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Waterfall next to Mendenhall glacier
Photo: Sunset on way to Skagway along Lynn Canal
Photo: Waterfall in Lynn Canal
Photo: Rainbow over Skagway
Photo: Beautiful home flower garden in Skagway; the long summer days make vegetation flourish  HEH
Photo: Flowers near Skagway
Photo: Bald eagle sleeping late, 8:20 AM, near Skagway
Photo: Butter cups
Photo: Pretty lake near Skagway
Photo: Insect-eating plant in bog