Photo Competition 2013 - Humour
Oct 7, 2013Public
Photo: 1. They call themselves birdspotters!
Photo: 2. This outboard motor is great
Photo: 3. Help I'm Going Down!!!!
Photo: 4. Who Said a Nice Day for a Paddle!!!!
Photo: 5. Adult at 11 O'clock. Pretend your being sensible lads.
Photo: 6. 3rd - Hand over the kitty NOW or we'll break your other arm, too - by Ian
Photo: 7. 1st Prize -The Clubs not the same since we allowed guys with rubber dinghies to join - by John
Photo: 8. H'm I wonder if it's tasty.
Photo: 9. JC paddling his new sit on top round Strumble Head.
Photo: 10. '... In Public' or 'Kayakers Are Deeply Attached To Their Boats'
Photo: 11. 2nd - Soap Gets in Your Eyes!! - by Mike
Photo: 12. Hey Jess, get the lighter ready, we'll have a jet powered canoe!!!
Photo: 13. Tim & Ben compare the size of their weapons