Freshwater West to Stackpole Quay
Jun 23, 2014Public
Photo: Leaving Fresh West......
Photo: and heading towards Linney Head
Photo: Heavily layered cliffs...
Photo: ...give us the spooky sensation that the sea is tilted.
Photo: Conditions so good that we can safely get right up to the base of the cliffs
Photo: In one of the many caves
Photo: Pen-y-Holt Stack
Photo: More caving...
Photo: ...with underwater light show
Photo: View along the coastline with Saddle Head in the distance
Photo: Looking at the Green Bridge of Wales, but keeping back from the Guillimots nesting on the cliffs
Photo: Passing Elegug Stacks
Photo: Large rafts of birds all around us
Photo: Lunch at Bullslaughter Bay
Photo: For extra storage Ian is trying a roof box on his kayak....Thule product development team take note!
Photo: In the corridor of Huntsmans Leap
Photo: Nearing St Govan's Head
Photo: Rock-hopping through the gap at St Govan's Head