A trip down the Wye, by Thomas
Jul 24, 2012Public
Photo: My friend Sam and his dad setting off with us from Hole in the Wall
Photo: I tried a little gentle paddling...
Photo: ...but it's thirsty work
Photo: Maybe I am better suited to being artist in residence on our ship, the Titanic-II
Photo: Another view of our sister ship - the Brittanic-II
Photo: As we near Ross I point out all the pubs. Come on, let's go!
Photo: With a tremendous effort from me, my wheezing and exhausted father and I make it to the take-out, but the innkeeper says there is no room here
Photo: So we wheel our kit 200 yds along a very busy road to another campsite. All the drivers stuck behind us on this hot humid Saturday were delighted by our slow progress and hooted their approval
Photo: Mine's a pint
Photo: Day 2, and time for a morning snack. We pluck a swan and eat it raw, keeping the feathers to make Indian head dresses later
Photo: Hey, Dad. We'd get to the pub much faster if we had a couple of THOSE...
Photo: ...but we can catch 'em if you put your back into it for once
Photo: Nearly at Welsh Bicknor, where my idle passenger can have a lie down for a while
Photo: Blisters. See? SEE? Proves I've been doing ALL the work
Photo: My dad finally gets up after his 'much needed' rest to have a look at the amazing leaning church of Bicknor
Photo: Someone parked his car in a boggy orchard where it got stuck. Silly man. But my brilliant dad pulled it out for him. I have pixelated the man's picture so no-one will be able to tease him about it.
Photo: And finally... looking back up the river from Goodrich Castle