Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
Oct 9, 2012Public
Photo: The last stages of the long, steep climb through the "campsite" to the "Celtic Roundhouse"
Photo: The "Celtic Roundhouse" is sighted at last. Whatever we all might have had in mind, this wasn't it. Was it, Richie??
Photo: Mud. Lots of mud. To access the accommodation we first had to return to the bottom of the hill to fetch a pallet to make a pontoon bridge.
Photo: The views were, by far, the best part of the accommodation.
"Keeping out the rain" was an option, which we didn't pay the extra for.
Photo: Richie at the start of the canal in Brecon.
Photo: Mile after mile of completely still, glassy water with blue sky above. Hardly a boater nor an angler to be seen in the whole trip.
Mile, after mile, after mile, after mile... (Or, for Steve: 1.5 km, after 1.5 km, after 1.5 km, after 1.5 km...)
Photo: Yet ANOTHER waterside pub we don't have time to stop at.
Photo: Second tunnel of the trip. Near the end now.
Photo: To protect the delicate this image of the canal as it enters the delightful outskirts of Pontypool, where navigation currently ends, has been lightly censored.