Photo Competition - Humour
Aug 4, 2012Public
Photo: 1. Our synchronised swimming team for 2012
Photo: 2. Sea creature sighted at Club session
Photo: 3. Caught by the tide
Photo: 4. Scary
Photo: 5. Synchronized Lomo-ing
Photo: 6. It's only Ben's boat so one sling will do.
Photo: 7. What to expect if paddle in Wales
Photo: 8. Richie fishing for lunch
Photo: 9. Richie leading the Haka
Photo: 10. Can I open my eyes yet?
Photo: 11. Pointy boat, round boat, coracle on the Towy says jc, sea boat faster says Simon.
Photo: 12. I must get out paddling more
Photo: 13. I wonder what it performs like in the surf
Photo: 14. Richie feeding his lunch
Photo: 15. Instructors are lazy in NZ (Phil don't get any ideas)