"English Week: Day5, 11th October 2013"
Oct 13, 2013Public
Photo: The Australian team creating something of paper.
Photo: Australian boys tired of thinking.
Photo: That has been a week! I´m so tired!
Photo: A living statue.
Photo: Not all leaders were so tired.
Photo: Preparations for the Mexican sketch.
Photo: The Mexicans were really hard working.
Photo: ... and still enjoying themselves.
Photo: Marcella from Romania.
Photo: Again Marcella from Romania.
Photo: "Are you serious?"
Photo: Andreea consulting her team.
Photo: Romanian sketch.
Photo: Romanian sketch II.
Photo: Jakub a Russian girl.
Photo: Romanian sketch III.
Photo: Romania – a country of nice people.
Photo: Romanian daily life.
Photo: Romanian fairies.
Photo: "Could you give me a hand?"
Photo: Welcome to Poland.
Photo: Welcome to my "sklep".
Photo: Let´s talk Arabic.
Photo: It´s so funny...