"English Week: Day1, 7th October 2013"
Sep 12, 2013Public
Photo: Pozvánka na Anglický týden.
Photo: First impression.
Photo: Organization chaos.
Photo: Sharing thoughts and snacks.
Photo: Do not take a picture of me, i‘m gonna do it myself and put it on Facebook.
Photo: Profile picture on facebook.
Photo: Australia is lonely and far away.
Photo: Three shades of grey.
Photo: Morning without coffee is colourless/our coffee makes me stand out.
Photo: Barcin is introducing herself.
Photo: Daša is telling us who she is.
Photo: Ilyas has a nice hat!.
Photo: Welcome to Australia.
Photo: Students are asking about Australia.
Photo: Ilyas is answering their questions.
Photo: Political division of Australia.
Photo: What a nice picture!
Photo: The flag and a boomerang.
Photo: Welcome to Brazil.
Photo: Let ´s start.
Photo: The lesson of geography.
Photo: Something interesting about fotball.
Photo: Confused students.
Photo: Teacher is confused too.