"English Week: Day2, 8th October 2013"
Oct 8, 2013Public
Photo: Hmm…very interesting.
Photo: Fancy slippers.
Photo: Behind the scenes of the best presentation.
Photo: Nicolae Ceaușescu: "Paint me like one of your French girls." – Titanic.
Photo: "Is it your presentation?" "No, I’m ordering tacos."
Photo: Saxana’s hand.
Photo: "Brazil’s got talent."
Photo: The presentation of Brazil.
Photo: What am I doing here? I teach chemistry.
Photo: I don’t usually pay attention, but when I do, I wear blue.
Photo: Standing in line for cash.
Photo: Not bad…
Photo: Not sure if it’s the Czech flag or presentation design.
Photo: Let me show you my city.
Photo: See that? I climbed it.
Photo: Barča is giving her part of the presentation.
Photo: The team are proudly introducing their president.
Photo: The comparison of the presidents of both countries.
Photo: Money money money in the rich man´s world.
Photo: Welcome to Egypt.
Photo: Miki is arranging his hair ,because he really loves the pyramid on picture and wants to hug it.
Photo: Discussing if the Amazon or the Nile is the longest river.
Photo: Mohamed is thinking : "She forgot her notes i must help her".
Photo: Revolution !!!