"English Week: Day3, 9th October 2013"
Oct 9, 2013Public
Photo: Questions about Australia are the easiest.
Photo: "Does anyone know the answer to the question no. 3?"
Photo: "Write about pyramids!"
Photo: Not enough chairs.
Photo: Use your brain!
Photo: Don’t you know the 1st Romanian president?!
Photo: Modern youth surrounded by devices.
Photo: "Right here!" "No, here!"
Photo: Everything goes better with a smile.
Photo: Brainstorming.
Photo: A group of students working on project.
Photo: Another group of students working on a project.
Photo: Peter with his famous internet.
Photo: He also made Zuzka addicted to it.
Photo: Can you see?
Photo: Class trying to remember national anthem.
Photo: Writing down the lyrics.
Photo: Computerstorming.
Photo: Computerstorming II.
Photo: Guys: pay attention.
Photo: Making the flag.
Photo: Practicing the anthem.
Photo: Free time.
Photo: That guy on the right : I don´t understand!