Mar 15, 2009Public
Photo: comfortable seating
Photo: computer workstations around a column. chairs on wheels invite being moved.
Photo: comfortable seats at a window. Note portable desk kind of furniture that can be side-arm or used in front of seat.
Photo: booth type structure with chairs on wheels -- flexible
Photo: booth type structure with furniture on wheels -- invites being moved -- flexible
Photo: artwork everywhere
Photo: close up view of desk/side-arm on wheels
Photo: desk type seating for more disciplined work. note comfy furnitures and ottoman type furniture that can be used both as footrest and as a chair for collaborative work.
Photo: library retains some quiet individualized work areas for serious work requiring concentration and privacy -- for those easily distracted.
Photo: booth-type seating around large screen facilitates group work. portable white boards can be used to write on but staff say they are more commonly used to enclose group spaces, creating a private "room".
Photo: Note portable but comfy furniture.
Photo: another booth.
Photo: more moveable whiteboards around portable table and chairs, inviting movement/rearrangement.
Photo: group study room with white board for work, flexible comfy seating, large screen for working on group projects
Photo: technology area for work on special projects/applications.