Scenic Areas
Oct 11, 2011Public
Photo: Quarry Rock is just one the scenic overlooks at Camp Toccoa.  From here, you can see parts of Georgia and South Carolina.
Photo: Sunrise View from Quarry Rock
Camp Toccoa
Photo: View from Quarry Rock
Photo: Night Hike to Quarry Rock
Camp Toccoa
Photo: Stars at dusk
Quarry Rock
Camp Toccoa
Photo: Campfire on Quarry Rock
Photo: Flat Rock is another overlook located near Quarry Rock.
Photo: Outdoor Ampitheatre located near Eluta, Owanyake and the Dining Hall
Photo: Outdoor Ampitheatre
Photo: Church Rock is a small rock outcropping near the Yoki Unit.  This is a nice natural spot for small groups to meet and reflect.
Photo: Church Rock
Photo: Panorama of Church Rock
Photo: Church Rock is located down a trail behind Yoki Cabin 2.
Photo: Gypsy Hill is an outdoor space with a small overlook, perfect for campfires or star gazing.
Photo: Ask a Camp Toccoa staff person to tell you the story behind Gypsy Hill's name.
Photo: In the fall, you can see Currahee Mountain very clearly.
Photo: Gypsy Hill is located a short distance from the Yoki Unit.