Main Camp
Oct 11, 2011Public
Photo: View of the main area at Camp Toccoa.
Ellis Center (office) is the building at right, and Tasnena Lodge can be seen straight down the roadway.  The Omikse living unit is located down a trail to the left.
Photo: View of the 'song deck' and stairs headed down to Tsani Dining Hall.
Photo: View of the hitching post in front of Tasnena Lodge.
Photo: Cabin used primarily in the summertime by camp staff.
Photo: The Caboose was a donation from the Southern Railway in recognition of the camp's historical ties to the railroad.  In the 1980's, the Coca-Cola Foundation funded the restoration of the Caboose, which currently serves primarily as a library.
Photo: Playground by the Caboose
Photo: The Totem Pole, located at the top of the stairway to the Tsani Dining Hall
Photo: Totem Pole and stairway leading towards Tsani Dining Hall.
Photo: Main Camp, Lodge and Flagpole area during summer camp.
Photo: Camp Toccoa entrance from Hwy 17/Falls Road
Photo: Camp Toccoa sign as seen from Hwy 17/Falls Road
Photo: Your first greeter at Camp Toccoa may be Clyde T. Rabbit!  Say hello, he's very friendly!
Photo: Home and mailbox of Clyde T. Rabbit.  Feel free to drop him a note, he loves getting mail!
Photo: Ellis Center, the Camp Office
Photo: Ellis Center, the Camp Office
Photo: Ellis Center, the Camp Office
Photo: The Fish Pond and Ellis Center
Photo: Goldfish in the Fish Pond
Photo: The fish pond was built in the shape of our very own Lake Tawasi!
Photo: One of the many frogs that calls the Fish Pond home.
Photo: The camp store, or Trading Post, is filled with souvenir items such as T-shirts, water bottles, coffee mugs, stickers and more!
Photo: Trading Post
Photo: House of Health, or infirmary for our summer camp