Tasnena Lodge
Oct 11, 2011Public
Photo: A centerpiece of Camp Toccoa, historic Tasnena Lodge was first used by campers in the summer of 1928.  The idea for the design came from Mrs. Tom Brooke, president of the Board of Directors of Camp Fire in Atlanta.
Photo: What is unique about the design of Tasnena Lodge is that there are no support poles obstructing the open space.  Mrs. Brooke felt that this was necessary so as not to interfere with play and recreation.
Photo: Tasnena Lodge was named after Mrs. Brooke, using the Cherokee name 'Tasnena,' meaning 'best mother,' which was the name given to her by thecampers.
Photo: Fireplace of Tasnena Lodge with the Camp Toccoa symbol above.
Photo: Front porch of Tasnena Lodge.
Photo: Each rocking chair is named after a friend or alumni of Camp Fire USA Georgia Council.
Photo: View from the front porch of Tasnena Lodge.
Photo: Tasnena Lodge
Photo: Tasnena Lodge
Photo: Tasnena Lodge during summer camp.
View from the fireplace side of the lodge, towards the stage.
Photo: Lodge Porch Stairs
Photo: The Four C's of Camp Fire USA:
Camp Fire Cares
Camp Fire Camps
Camp Fire Contributes
Camp Fire Connects
Photo: Historical Information about Tasnena Lodge
Photo: Lodge Back Porch
Photo: Lodge Back Porch
Photo: Back Porch Outisde of Tasnena Lodge