Lake Tawasi and Hodgson Nature Center
Sep 26, 2011Public
Photo: Lake Tawasi 
Used for canoeing, nature lessons, scenic hikes and more.
Photo: Canoeing on Lake Tawasi
'Tawasi' means 'Friend'
Photo: View from Trail around Lake Tawasi
Photo: View of Lake Tawasi from our Grumman Canoes
Photo: Wildflowers blooming at Lake Tawasi
Photo: Panoramic view of Lake Tawasi
Photo: Scenic Picnic Area by Lake Tawasi
Photo: Lake Tawasi
Camp Toccoa
Photo: Cattails at Lake Tawasi
Photo: Lake Tawasi is home to lots of creatures, such as this snapping turtle!
Photo: Dragonflies are also easy to spot around Lake Tawasi.
Photo: Ampitheatre overlooking Lake Tawasi.
Photo: Nature Lesson at Amphitheatre
Photo: View of Ampitheatre facing towards Hodgson Nature Center, a great resource for anyone interested in flowers, trees, wildlife and all kinds of nature found at Camp Toccoa
Photo: Upstairs of Hodgson Nature Center.
Photo: Stairway and displays at Hodgson Nature Center
Photo: Class space at Hodgson Nature Center.
Photo: Class space at Hodgson Nature Center