Eluta Living Unit
Oct 14, 2011Public
Photo: The Blubird's Nest, primarily used for summer staff housing, is also the Eluta Unit House.
Photo: The Blue Bird's Nest was originally a cabin for girls in Camp Fire USA's Blue Bird Program.
Photo: Eluta Cabin 1
Photo: Eluta Cabin Interior
Each cabin includes four bunks and one single bed.
Photo: Eluta Cabin Interior
Eluta Cabins have cubby space for storing belongings
Photo: Eluta Cabin Interior
Photo: Eluta Cabins 2 and 3
Photo: Eluta Bathhouse
The Eluta Bathhouse contains 2 sinks, 3 showers and 3 toilets.
Photo: Eluta fire ring and picnic area
Photo: Eluta Cabin 4