Clouds & Sea
Jun 13, 2012Public
Photo: Lenticular clouds developing over the top of Tenerife island (Canary Island, Spain).
Photo: Mammatus clouds.
Photo: Cumulus developing over La Gomera (Canary Islands).
Photo: A Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, or something that looks like that
Photo: A calm zone in the wake of an island (El Hierro). On the left side, the sea is wind-shelterd, while on the right side, the effect of waves is visible.
Photo: A stratocumulus deck in Gran Canaria.
Photo: Lightning in summer 2011 in eastern Belgium.
Photo: Lenticular clouds over northern Corsica seen from Calvi harbour.
Photo: Altocumulus.
Photo: Noctulicent clouds in Belgium during summer 2010
Photo: Noctilucent clouds.
Photo: Noctilucent clouds.
Photo: Cirrocumulus undulatus (right) and cirrocumulus lacunosus (center).
Photo: Cirrus uncinus.
Photo: Cirrocumulus.
Photo: A deck of altocumulus.
Photo: Altocumulus undulatus.
Photo: Lenticular clouds in northern Spain. 
Picture by Aida.
Photo: Kelvin-Helmholtz instability near to Liège, Belgium.