English & American pocket book covers
Oct 16, 2011Public
Photo: Aarons, Edward S. - Assignment - Zoraya
Photo: Aarons, Edward S. - Assignment - Birma girl
Photo: Adams, Clifton - Death's sweet song
Photo: Ambler, Eric - Cause for alarm
Photo: Ambler, Eric - Epitaph for a spy
Photo: Ambler, Eric - Journey into fear
Photo: Amis, Kinsley - Lucky Jim
Photo: Amis, Kingsley - That uncertain feeling
Photo: Armstrong, Charlotte - Mischief
Photo: Baldwin, James - Go tell it on the mountain
Photo: Ballinger, Bill S. - The body beautiful
Photo: Bates, H.E. - Love for Lydia
Photo: Bates, H.E. - The scarlet sword
Photo: Bax, Roger - The trouble with murder
Photo: Benson, Ben - The girl in the cage
Photo: Benson, Ben - The Venus death
Photo: Blake, Nicholas - Minute for murder
Photo: Blake, Nicholas - The smiler with the knife
Photo: Blake, Nicholas - The widow's cruise
Photo: Blake, Nicholas - There's trouble brewing
Photo: Bloch, Robert - Bogey men
Photo: Bradley, David - No place to hide
Photo: Brandt, Tom - Kiss me hard
Photo: Brandt, Tom - Run, brother, run!