Jul 25, 2010Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: rainy day in delhi
Photo: after 10 hours in the bus, it is still raining in shimla
Photo: co-traveller in the bus...
Photo: starting from rekong peo
Photo: on the way down to powari. sutlej below...
Photo: on the way to puh, along the sutlej again
Photo: amazing place en route puh
Photo: at a dhaba
Photo: a dhaba en route puh
Photo: sutlej
Photo: lovely riding these roads
Photo: a new bridge 3km before akpa
Photo: the bridge is there because there was a road here which got washed away in a landslide along with an entire mountainside. the road was there during our last ride in 2008
Photo: the akpa bridge back to NH22...
Photo: it is like a highway for about 6km after akpa
Photo: labourers working for the BRO, building and maintaining the roads. at Jangi
Photo: quiet despair?
Photo: a makeshift temple
Photo: a bit of a problem that needed setting right... :)
Photo: co-travellers....
Photo: bridge across sutlej after puh
Photo: a new, bigger bridge being built at khab, where the sutlej and spiti meet...
Photo: explosives being used to clear a rockslide....
Photo: rocks blocking the road