Voskopoja, Albania - Land of Many Churches
Aug 21, 2006Public
Photo: A river runs through 
Photo: Rugged terrain on a beautiful day
Photo: A phallicay church symbol of some sort
Photo: Shen Kolli - The best Byzantine painting in Voskopoja are behind these walls
Photo: Unlocking the gates to the court yard
Photo: A little boy who was staying with the orthodox priest - he was our guide.
Photo: Some Byzantine murals probably defaced by communists
Photo: From outside in the courtyard, looking down to the entrance
Photo: Scary beasts hurting a saint
Photo: The boys show us the candles
Photo: Very dark in here - kind of spooky
Photo: Very ornate
Photo: Even though it was dark, the colors were quite brilliant.  The paintings inside were maintained quite well.
Photo: See the next one
Photo: yoink!
Photo: bam!
Photo: holding about four candles for extra lighting
Photo: looking down the aisle
Photo: on the other side, down the aisle
Photo: the seats are very old - i wonder if people still sit in them
Photo: strange that the church go-ers sat facing across from each other, not up at a priest
Photo: These paintings have not well stood the test of time
Photo: Above the door to enter
Photo: Shen Kolli bell tower