Christmas Carolling to the Homebound 2012 (RL) 021212
Jan 10, 2013Public
Photo: How have you been, my dear sister?
Photo: Sis Nancy Chan with our Sis Phylis
Photo: Sister Phylis: So kind of you to remember us
Photo: Angels without wings :)
Photo: Cheering you on!
Photo: Let's put on our Christmas party hat!
Photo: Moment with God
Photo: We will praise You with all of our heart
Photo: We lift up our hands to the Lord!
Photo: I'll praise You with my voice and tambourine!
Photo: Blessing each other
Photo: God is so good, He is so good to me...
Photo: And I'll keep shouting "God is so good"
Photo: God is so good ...
Photo: He is so good to me
Photo: A great choir :)
Photo: Moments of joy :)
Photo: Hark the herald angels sing"Glory to the new born King!"
Photo: Silent night, Holy nightAll is calm, all is bright...
Photo: We wish you a Merry Christmasand a Happy New Year! :)
Photo: Visiting Sis Linda Tan
Photo: Hey Linda, we are all here for you
Photo: Speaking to her gently
Photo: Praying for Sis Linda's well being