Fellowship of Ukulelians - Graduation of Beginners Class 2012 (RL) 011212
Jan 10, 2013Public
Photo: The brethrens rehearsing a song dedicated for Pastor Peter
Photo: Sweet songs filled the air
Photo: Rehearsing seriously to give Pastor a great surprise!
Photo: Tadah! Welcome Pastor Peter! Surprise!
Photo: Opening prayer - Committing the fellowship to God
Photo: Bro. Png sharing and lead everyone to worship and present their dedication song to Pastor Peter
Photo: Pastor Peter joined in and didn't want to miss out the fun
Photo: Make a joyful noise
Photo: Brethrens singing their dedication song to Pastor beautifully
Photo: Sweet voices filled the room
Photo: Strumming excellently! (Without having to look at the guitar! Amazing! Wow!)
Photo: All the pro's - Non of them looked at their instruments! Seriously good!
Photo: Enjoying and taking in the moment
Photo: Bro Hubert caught in action
Photo: Smile :)
Photo: Smile :)
Photo: Hello uncle Hubert :)
Photo: Stylo milo :)
Photo: Congratulations Bro Tony Yong
Photo: Congratulations Sis Mew Ling
Photo: Congratulations Sis Daisy Sim
Photo: Congratulations Sis Lily Sim
Photo: Congratulations Sis Syn Wun
Photo: Congratulations Sis Belinda Ho