Alle Tassen Im Schrank Festival in the Fuchsmühle 2011
Aug 11, 2011Public
Photo: Affiches voor het festival ook in het winkelcentrum van Gera/ posters for the festival in the centre of Gera
Photo: Bij aankomst was de opbouw in een gevorderd stadium/ At arrival the big podium was already there; the light-technicians were hanging in the light
Photo: overleg/deliberation
Photo: de bedoeling is dat alleen op speciaal ingerichte plekken gerookt mag worden, zodat er geen peuken in het milieu terecht komen/ smoking allowed only on indicated spots
Photo: Niet-rokers blij, rokers wat minder/ smoking area
Photo: Een verwijzing naar Petra Kamphuis' markt-atelier in het "Künstlerdorf" in de grote expositiezaal/Petra Kamphuis chose this dress to ask attention for her atelier in the "Künstlerdorf"
Photo: Alex Grondhuis' collection of crockery/servies, that gave the name to the festival: "Alle Tassen Im Schrank"
Photo: The 4 paintings by Sjaak van der Leden: "Mandala 2007" also exhibited in the former ballroom of the farmer's estate "Fuchsmühle"
Photo: preparation reaches its completion
Photo: the signing is well done
Photo: preparing the second, smaller stage in the innercourt
Photo: the big stage still quiet
Photo: first musician arrives
Photo: ArijMoka prepares a sign
Photo: benches and tables are distributed across the terrain
Photo: "Kunstlerdorf", = artists village, busy to be built up
Photo: Ruud Cornelisse
Photo: Poffertjes-stall
Photo: everything is done after consultation of the parties involved
Photo: also security prepares itself
Photo: tables and chairs, also in the "artists village"
Photo: also here it is possible to eat and drink
Photo: Sjaak van der Leden prepares a dia-presentation on laptop of his work
Photo: paintings from 1959 till 2008