New Mexico 2006
Oct 26, 2013Public
Photo: Rapids rafting
Photo: Rocks just cleared, had to drop camera to paddle again, hence the blur
Photo: Mountain biking on bank of rio grande gorge
Photo: Destroyed car in gorge, took a few tries to get it with a rock
Photo: Guess
Photo: I feel a tumor coming on
Photo: Hippie earth ships in the distance
Photo: Risking life and limb for action shots
Photo: Our intrepid hero
Photo: The gorge bridge, 2nd highest or so the rumor goes
Photo: Angel fire airport from vietnam memorial
Photo: Angel fire ski slope minus snow
Photo: Taos mountain hike
Photo: New office view
Photo: The endless road behind
Photo: The endless road ahead
Photo: Cloud shadows in the valley
Photo: Rainstorm in the distance
Photo: Small town below
Photo: Rain storm over mountains
Photo: Rainbow after storm
Photo: Sunset
Photo: One of many art pieces in Taos
Photo: Taos Pueblo