#10 - Sandy Neck Beach Picnic August 06, 2012
Aug 12, 2012Public
Photo: The gang is gathering.
Photo: Bob setting up the games...
Photo: Bill gets the water; Bob sets up games.
Photo: Mike and Dianne setting up the fire!
Photo: The Ladder game.
Photo: Anne and Nancy try their hand at Ladders.
Photo: Nancy, Bill, Jim and Mike play the Ladders game.
Photo: Bean Bag Toss - Joanne and Susan on Sandy Neck
Photo: Jim and Courtenay try the Bean Bags
Photo: Bill, Anne, DJ, Lisa, Mike and Bill
Photo: Courtenay, Bill, and Anne enjoy the occasion.
Photo: Cape Cod Bay in the background.
Photo: Ed is first at the buffet table--enjoy!
Photo: The buffet.
Photo: Lisa serves up the steamers.
Photo: Delicious!!!
Photo: Bill Day enjoys the feast.
Photo: All around the table.  Yum, yum.
Photo: Enjoying the food and view.
Photo: This was one hot fire!
Photo: Smoke gets in your eyes.....
Photo: A nice fire.  Ed, Courtenay, Joanne, Bill, Anne and Nancy.