#12 - Last Days of the 2012 croquet season - Nov. 2 - 3
Nov 15, 2012Public
Photo: New storage shed receives roof shingles. Thank you Bill, Bob, and Ed (not shown).
Photo: Nancy starts our season-end banquet off, acknowledging volunteers and participants.
Photo: Waiting to be served at a local Sandwich restaurant
Photo: DJ, Audrey, and Ted
Photo: Courtenay, Joanne, Nancy, Bill, and Grace
Photo: Bob, Diane, and Michael
Photo: Bill, Grace, Nancy, and Bob
Photo: Last day of play. Bob, Joanne, Nancy.
Photo: Joanne, Nancy, Bob, and Russell.
Photo: Courtenay, Nancy, and DJ.
Photo: Russell, Nancy, and Joanne.
Video: Video 1:15 minutes - last day play: Russell, Joanne, Nancy St., Bob, Nancy Sp., Courtenay, DJ.
Photo: Courtenay cleans out the old storage bin.
Photo: DJ and Grace help remove equipment headed for winter storage.
Photo: Farewell new court. Sleep tight until the 2013 season begins in May.
Photo: One last luncheon at a local Sandwich restaurant looking over the Cape Cod Canal. Courtenay, Joanne, Grace, Bill, and DJ.
Photo: Ed, DJ, and Courtenay enjoy our last luncheon.