#7 - June 27 2012 - Potluck supper at Day's Condo Club House
Jul 19, 2012Public
Photo: The digs.
Photo: The digs and decorations.
Photo: The digs.
Photo: At the pool:  Jana, Nancy, DJ, and Lewis.
Photo: At the pool:  Michael, Mary, Bob, Peter, Ted, Lisa, and Dianne.
Photo: Cynthia serves her special stuffed clams.
Photo: Maureen and Audrey.
Photo: The offerings; yummy!
Photo: Dinner is served.
Photo: Dinner is served.
Photo: Ted, Nancy, Audrey, Jim, and Maureen
Photo: Peter, Mary, Nancy, Bob, Lisa, Jana, DJ, Dianne, and Michael at the table.
Photo: Thanks for posing, now let's eat.