#2 - Golf Croquet Tournament Sept. 3, 2011
Jan 5, 2012Public
Photo: Welcome table--menu, shirts, trophies, coffee
Photo: Bill, Bob and Jane at registration table:  Who plays with who?
Photo: Registration and getting ready to play
Photo: Tournament wickets
Photo: The Balls
Photo: SCC Tournament Croquet gathering
Photo: Bill the ultimate photog
Photo: The line up--ready to play.
Photo: The First Four Awards, Golf Croquet Tournament, SCC
Photo: The Padwee Trophy
Photo: Jane with the SCC Padwee Trophy
Photo: Nancy shares the rules and order of play.
Photo: Nancy with final instructions
Photo: We are ready....
Photo: The courts are ready!
Photo: Resume play
Photo: The courts and players
Photo: Grace
Photo: Pete takes aim
Photo: Peter, Jackie and Nancy
Photo: Jackie, Nancy
Photo: Play on the green
Photo: Play