July 13, 2013 - Golf Croquet Tournament - 20 participants with fun had by all
Jul 14, 2013Public
Photo: Snack table and court ready for tournament to begin
Photo: Offerings at the snack table
Photo: Grace ready to sign in tournament participants
Photo: Tournament Director Nancy speaking with players
Photo: Jim, Michael, Peter, and Bill prior to play
Photo: Play has begun
Photo: Nancy and Joanne discuss strategy as D.J. prepares her shot
Photo: Joanne and Jane smiling after their match.
Photo: Joanne recording the scores
Photo: Courtenay and Ted take a break from the action
Photo: Waiting to hear the final tournament results
Photo: Five-way Shoot-out to determine third place winner: Ted, Michael, Jane, Ed, and Mary.
Photo: Ed takes his shoot-out turn as Ted watches
Photo: Ted's shoot-out shot
Photo: And the winner of shoot-out is Ted, for third place
Photo: Bob presents Jacque with First Place Silver Mallet trophy
Photo: Bob congratulates Audrey as Second Place Winner
Photo: Ted comes in Third Place
Photo: All three winners: Ted (Third); Jacque (First); Audrey (Second)
Photo: Tournament participants. Ed and Michael not shown.
Photo: Some but not all tournament participants.