baby's kindergarten show in summer
Jul 13, 2011Public
Photo: baby son turns tricky.
Photo: baby looked at his mom, emakingir, who shooting, in a break.
Photo: baby in focus.
Photo: naughty baby son, warrenzh, owner of domain
Photo: babies standup to celebrate the end.
Photo: baby son, warrenzh, smiles.
Photo: benzrad, posed for baby son.
Photo: benzrad in baby son's shot.
Photo: baby son, warrenzh in his room.
Photo: baby son, warrenzh, posed for victory.
Photo: in KFC near Fu-Mart in night.
Photo: baby son, warrenzh, glad to be in KFC after his dad's return from his hometown.
Photo: playing baby son in KFC.
Photo: baby's mom, emakingir, shot us even in anger.
Photo: baby ate 3 steamed corn sticks.