my parents and relatives.
Oct 17, 2006Public
Photo: my grand father,passed for a year,captured from a movie.
Photo: neighbor boy
Photo: neighbor girl
Photo: neighbor family wife.
Photo: the second son of my second elder brother
Photo: my nephew
Photo: the son of my elder brother
Photo: my nephew
Photo: my eldest brother's wife.
Photo: my niece
Photo: my mother in our front yard
Photo: My old mother worked for 70 more years.
Photo: dad's live image after his passed.
Photo: dad's last image: from a commercial funeral photo service.
Photo: dad, dad.
Photo: my old mother, in family name Hu, anxiously about my staying home upon my hometown journey.
Photo: my mother in my dad's old house.
Photo: journey hometown in summer 2013 shakes doubts and plows hope: lingering in Town Tian in summer heat most of our memorial photos of my passed parents on wall  of their old house.