first try of my new camera, family life with new eyes
Jan 11, 2009Public
Photo: i like sugar haws dad just bought for me.
Photo: in restaurant, mom kissed me.
Photo: ema research menus.
Photo: glad to see delicacy.
Photo: im wondering.
Photo: yes, i got the message.
Photo: busy peple.
Photo: refused mom's feeding.
Photo: playing with paper.
Photo: what did u say?
Photo: drinking.
Photo: mouthful.
Photo: bears and drinks, cups and plates.
Photo: i m full now.
Photo: ema feeding baby.
Photo: mom and me.
Photo: dining people.
Photo: i like needle.
Photo: ema finishing dinner.
Photo: baby just woke up.
Photo: milky dawn light.
Photo: still sleepy.
Photo: what r u doing, after all?
Photo: curious mom, ema.