Tianzhen Town ∑ hometown journey
May 2, 2009Public
Photo: the front view of the house of my third elder sister's.
Photo: the bare conceret house in front of elder sister's house.
Photo: chicken search for food in rain.
Photo: moss on the wall.
Photo: raindrop and chimny.
Photo: neighbor girl in walk in rain.
Photo: a blossomy tree.
Photo: the neighbor's heavy truck.
Photo: orange tree in the yard of neighbor of my past dad's house.
Photo: the front door of my second elder sister's house.
Photo: the outskirt of the town my elder sisters' housed.
Photo: fields in sunshine near town.
Photo: nearby fields near elder sister's house.
Photo: the residential area in town Tianzhen.
Photo: the neighbor houses of my elder sister's house.
Photo: sunshine in afternoon, from the window view of my nephew's house.
Photo: wasted fields, for new industry.
Photo: the land, previously field, now prepared for industry near town Tianzhen.
Photo: the land under constrution.
Photo: the transporting line of the cement fatory, near the town Tianzhen.
Photo: the towers of the cement fatory my elder sisters and their husbands work for.
Photo: the facility of a fertilizer fatory near the town Tianzhen, where my elder sisters live.
Photo: the factory of a new fertilizer maker, who offered quite some local people a way of life by working for it.
Photo: the front gate of the fertilizer factory, a new industry in the wind of industrilization of all levels of China governments.