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Photo: The above reflects my current views on the subject - others are of course entirely free to have their own views, whatever they may be.
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Photo: CH412 Indian travel set - circular 'squares'

I still don't especially like the round squares used on these sets, but the pieces are of such fine workmanship that it was difficult ( for which, read 'impossible' to resist)
Photo: CH 412 Indian travel set - circular 'squares'

As with all these sets, the materials used for the white/black are difficult to categorize.  The board has the usual holes in the sides (visible in previous image) into which the pieces are placed when not in use.
Photo: CH413 Jaques travel set

The set in a deep burgandy faux-leather case, with satin-type padded insert in the lid to keep the pieces in place;  lift-out wooden board with felt on the base and fine stringing/decoration; wooden pieces - making a nice change from the plastic pieces seen in later sets. 

One white bishop missing, replaced here by a white bone bishop of similar shape.
Photo: CH413 Jaques travel set

Jaques branding - black lettering to one side of the board and gold-blocked lettering to the base of the case.