A rose by any other name....
Feb 8, 2012Public
Photo: An HAC clock that appeared for sale on eBay, February 2011 - ultimately realizing £442 - far in excess of the normal going rate for such clocks (the last , in good condition, seen raised £39 ).

The differences? Well, the clock has a handy carry-handle added plus inscription plates for Blackpool Chess Club (top) and a presentation dated 1938 (front, bottom), but it seems unlikely that these would account for such a high price.

 The real 'culprit' is surely the small ivorine ( a form of plastic that tried to emulate ivory) plaque on the back as seen in the lower right image - showing the clock was sold by Jaques.

These are nice clocks - I have one ( neither badged nor customized) - but can the addition of a small plastic badge be worth nearly £400?

   HAC in Germany did not make complete clocks, simply supplying their clockworks for others to include in the finished article;  it is even doubtful whether Jaques cased the clocks - as identical HAC-cased clocks are found without any sign of a Jaques branding.
Photo: "The Ditty Chess Box" by Jaques

Not owned, this is the first of this type I have seen - although another collector has told me he once owned one, without a Jaques label. It sold for £454 in August 2012 on eBay! One can only wonder how much the price was influenced by the Jaques label, but a not-vastly-different unbranded set (in a simpler lidded wooden case) sold for only £50 a few days earlier.

Ah! - the magic in a name, some more than others.
Photo: An interesting board that recently (Feb 2015) appeared on eBay:  12.25in sq. by 1 1/8in deep.

The board was described as:


The reverse of the board (top right) has an undoubtedly genuine Jaques paper Reversi board glued to it. The Registered no. (bottom left) dates this to 1889. 

However, the board does not 'look' like a genuine Jaques board and a little research shows that the Reversi game was marketed in cardboard boxes with a fold-up paper board.   It looks very much as if such a Reversi board has been attached to a non-Jaques board - although this may well have happened long ago.

One can only assume that other viewers thought the same, as the board sold for £172 - less than one might expect if it were made by that firm.