Tour of England cycle race - Stage 5 -15.09.11
Sep 15, 2011Public
Photo: 'Long Lane'

Normally a quiet country lane on Dartmoor - the lane was very blocked! 

It was worse than when the Hunt 'followers' are out!
Photo: 'Watching Place'

(supposedly, there was a gibbet here, long ago)

Cyclists too!
Photo: The first group of about 13 - 6.5 minutes ahead.
Photo: Last of the 1st group - these lads really shift! 

Not much time for shots. A definite case of 'Blink and you miss them'!
Photo: 2nd and main group starting to appear.
Photo: Bulk of the 2nd group
Photo: End of 2nd group - only a lone straggler about a minute after that: he got a clap/cheer!