Jan 22, 2010Public
Photo: Negril, Jamaica
Photo: Santa Monica, California
Photo: Forbidden City- Beijing, China
Photo: Hanging out with Terry Crews behind set on Everybody Hates Chris Show.  Super cool guy! He did the robot dance for me. HAHA! Hollywood California
Photo: Tinajin, China- one of China's industrial manufacturing hubs
Photo: Walking the streets of Tianjin, China
Photo: Do you  know what this is?
Photo: Beijing 2008 Olympics sign at Great Wall of China
Photo: BaDaLing entrance to Great Wall
Photo: 1 of the wonders of the world
Photo: You are not a man if you don't run up to the top of the Great Wall of China & trust me, it is a longer than it looks
Photo: locals hang out in Beijing, China
Photo: It used to be forbidden to come into this city
Photo: Ever watched a chinese film where the soldiers run into one plaza after another.  It goes on like that for awhile.
Photo: Inventive for the Beijing olympics 2008
Photo: Temple of heaven was and is still visited by people from all around
Photo: The temple sits several miles in the middle of a park
Photo: Hello from China!
Photo: Dubrocnik, Croatia off the Adriatic Sea
Photo: local croatian musician
Photo: A basic meal in Croatia with red pepper spread, fried potatoes, beef and lamb