Polymer clay food
Nov 13, 2009Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Spring 2015
Photo: The bowl is from Dollar Tree and the punch is Quick Water.  First we filled the bowl with some "crushed ice"(Poly-Pellets) and then we poured the water. After that set up for a day or 2, we mixed a little more pink water and added some corn starch. It gave an interesting effect but it took a very long time to set up.
Photo: My sister made this cake for me a long time ago.
Photo: It's styro-foam, covered with fabric and ribbon.
Photo: Halloween party!
Photo: Lime sherbet monster punch. The bowl came from Dollar Tree. We filled the bowl with ice (Poly-Pellets) and added a monster, made from polymer clay, then we poured green quick water.
Photo: Jack Skellington Cheese Ball. The cheese ball is made from Model Magic clay.  The cheese plate and dome is a plastic "taster" plate and bowl with a polymer clay pumpkin knob.
Photo: Mummy dogs
Photo: Ghost cheese pizza
Photo: Halloween Desserts
Photo: Cake balls.
Photo: Candy corn and candy pumpkins
Photo: Gummy worms. These are made from hot glue, colored with magic markers.
Photo: Lady fingers with chocolate poop dip.
Photo: Fall 2014
Photo: Would you like a piece of cake?
Photo: It's confetti cake! Confetti makes everything more fun!
Photo: Or would you prefer a brownie?
Photo: I hope you like nuts.
Photo: How about carrot cake?
Photo: It has nuts, too.
Photo: How about a nut free carrot?
Photo: Popcorn. We used Pippaloo's tutorial. http://pippaloofordolls.blogspot.com/2013/10/popcorn-tutorial.html
Photo: Don't forget to make some old maids!