Mar 14, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Wing chair that my sister and I made.
Photo: We used McCall's pattern #8775 with a few alterations.
Photo: Kitchen sink
Photo: My Dad and a family friend made this.
Photo: Full of bubbles and ready to wash the dishes.
Photo: The sink is a mini bread pan.  The faucet is a hand lotion pump and the knobs are wooden finials.
Photo: The bubbles are "Christmas pokes" from the holiday floral aisle in the craft store.
Photo: Look!  Counter!
Photo: The sink comes out and a separate top fits on top and covers the hole.
Photo: Turned into a bathroom sink using a sink shaped magnetic paper clip holder.
Photo: Fireplace
Photo: Designed by my sister and built by a family friend.
Photo: Decorated for Christmas.
Photo: Decorated for Christmas