Squeak and the Chipmunk Celebrate Labor Day
Aug 14, 2011Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: I was reading a book and Chance was looking out the window, when I heard Veronica yelling in the front yard.
Photo: "Hey cat!" she called out, "Tell Squeak to come out here!"
Photo: But Chance didn't pass on Veronica's message.  She just glared at me.  

I went to the front door to see what Veronica wanted.
Photo: "Happy Labor Day, Squeak!" Veronica called from the edge of the shrubs, "Come out here, I have a Labor Day gift for you."  

A Labor Day gift?  This intrigued me.  I went outside to see what she had.
Photo: "Sit down and close your eyes," she said, "I want this to be a surprise."
Photo: So I closed my eyes and waited and wondered.  A surprise?  What kind of a surprise could a chipmunk have?  An acorn?  A pine cone?  

But then I thought about Eddie's motorcycle.  Now THAT was a surprise!  

I could hear Veronica grunting and pushing something across the lawn.  "OK," she said between grunts, "Open your eyes."
Photo: I  opened my eyes and there sat the cutest toy chipmunk I had ever seen.  OK, I admit that  I haven't seen many toy chipmunks so the bar wasn't very high but it was pretty cute! 

"Oh Veronica!" I squeed as I scooped it up to give it a hug, "I love it!"
Photo: "Happy Labor Day!" Veronica cheered,  "I'm so glad you like it!"
Photo: "I bet you didn't know that Labor Day is a big gift giving day for us chipmunks," Veronica explained.  "Usually we give each other nuts and seeds but you give us those things all the time.  I wanted to give you something special.  Something so you would remember me when we're both snowed in this winter."
Photo: "I could never forget about you, Veronica!" I reassured her, "But it was so nice of you to think of me and I love my new toy, thank you so much!  And Happy Labor Day to you, too!"
Photo: I'm glad you like it," Veronica said, "It makes me sad to think of you snowed in all winter, all by yourself." She sniffled a little, "At least I have Eddie to keep me company."

I explained to her that we have warm clothes and shovels, so we really don't get snowed in like she does.  At least not for more than a day or 2 at a time.   She seemed relieved by this information although confused why anyone would want to go out in the snow.  

"But it's still summer and it's hot out here!" I tried to cheer her up, "Let's have a cold drink!"
Photo: So I made some orange punch, because Veronica loves oranges (she really does!) and I brought out some peanuts, which she looked at hungrily.  Pushing giant stuffed toys across the lawn is hungry work!
Photo: "Mmmm, Thank you!" she said as she cracked open a peanut and ate it.
Photo: nom nom nom
Photo: "I'll save this one for winter," she said, "I'll be right back." And she ran off toward her home.
Photo: When she came back, she had a long sip of punch and smacked her lips.  "Mmm, orange-y," she murmured.
Photo: "Have you thought of a name for your new friend?" she asked as she wiped a drop of punch off of her  whiskers.
Photo: "Well, actually, I have," I said, "I think I'll call him Chip."
Photo: Veronica giggled, "Well, first of all, "he" is a girl chipmunk!"  

"Oh," I said, "I hadn't noticed."
Photo: "And second," she continued, "You couldn't come up with a more original name than Chip?  
It's kind of stereotypical, don't ya think?"
Photo: "Well, SHE looks like a Chip to me. And that name makes me smile and think of you."
Photo: "Well who am I to argue with that?" she said.  "Especially from a girl named Squeak," she added with a wink.
Photo: Then Veronica ran over to whisper in Chip's ear, "Take good care of her when I'm not around, OK?"
Photo: "So tell me more about what you do in the snow," Veronica said.  

And I told her all about sledding and skating and snow ball fights...