Jan 21, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: House cleaning.
Photo: Vacuum. Made from Model Magic air dry clay, a wooden dowel and fabric.
Photo: It even has a cord and plug!  The cord is a piece of speaker wire and the plug is Model Magic clay. The prongs in the plug are little pieces of tooth picks.
Photo: Dustpan and broom. Made from air dry clay. The broom bristles are from a little wisk broom we found at Dollar Tree.  We cut off the handle and cut the broom in half so it was the right size, then we covered the top of the broom with air dry clay and used a dowel for the handle.
Photo: Polymer clay ax.
Photo: My sister made the rake for me. She used a dowel and the stuff you use for weaving baskets.
Photo: My sister made these stools for me. She sort of followed My Froggy Stuff's tutorial but she made a few changes.
Photo: Mop:
Photo: Feather duster:

Toilet brush: Twist 2 or more pipe cleaners together.  Drill a small hole into the end of a dowel and insert the pipe cleaners into the hole.

Scrub brush:  We used the head of a denture cleaning toothbrush (we cut off the long handle) and made a new handle from polymer clay.  We baked it right on the bristles!  Stand the bristles in a small dish of water so they don't melt.  

Craft at your own risk!  
If your brush bursts into flames, don't come crying to me!
Photo: Paper towels:

We didn't have a nice cardboard tube like she used so we rolled up a piece of cereal box cardboard and used a piece of tape to hold it together.
Photo: Terrarium
Photo: Made from 2 plastic mini martini glasses (party supply store) with a polymer clay knob glued to the top.  The white part on the top and bottom of the terrarium is paper and tape.

The plants are bits of fake flowers.  The mini turtle is from the doll house section of the craft store.

The "dirt" is unbaked polymer clay.  (See the update below!)

Update: After being on display for 2 years, there has been some sort of chemical reaction and the unbaked polymer clay melted the plastic cup.
Photo: Shoji screen:

I love Doll-It-Up's pictures and I couldn't wait to make one.  Thanks for the idea!

I used foam core (20"x8" panels) and 1/4" black satin ribbon.  I used black Scotch tape (found it in the craft store) for the hinges and around the outside edges.
Photo: Tad-a! I put fabric on the back side!  Two screens for the space of one!
Photo: post card collection
Photo: The book came from Target's dollar spot or Dollar tree or some cheap place.  The post cards are from my sisters collection.  We scanned and reduced them, stuck a piece of clear packing tape over the top and cut them out.
Photo: For the glue stick, we peeled the label off of a real glue stick, scanned and reduced it and glued it to a piece of wooden dowel.
Photo: Crossword puzzle book.
Photo: Printable from:

The CDs are well worth the price!