Jan 21, 2013Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Masquerade masks
Photo: Cut out of craft foam with lots of jewels and sequins and feathers and beads.
Photo: Once you start making them, it's hard to stop!
Photo: Some are attached to sticks and some have elastic straps or ribbon ties.
Photo: Once you have a basic pattern with the eyes and nose in the right place, it's easy to alter the pattern to make different shapes.
Photo: One note of warning:  Use a tooth pick or other sharp object to trace the lines into the craft foam.  Pen and pencil marks may rub off of the foam and stain your doll.
Photo: More about mask making at Doll Diaries:
Photo: Party horns!
Photo: Made out of pieces of straw and paper.
We got this idea from American Girl Fan.
Photo: A pinata.  
 It's made out of Styrofoam (a ball and a circle) and covered with tissue paper and feathers.  The wings are craft foam and the feet are felt.  We used a low temp glue gun to glue it all together.