How to sew socks.
Sep 12, 2007Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: These are my completed socks and this is how I made them.
Photo: Start with a pair of people socks that you've washed in hot (or very warm) water.  Pre-washing will help release any excess dye so there is less of a chance of the socks bleeding color onto your doll's feet.
Photo: Turn the socks inside out and put a sock on your doll's leg. 
If you want thigh high socks, pull it up to her thigh. 
If you want knee highs, pull it up to her knee.  

If the sock has a design or a pattern that you want in a specific area, now is the time to line it up.
Photo: With your doll laying on her back, hold her leg up so her foot is in the air. 
Pinch the sock at the back of her leg so it fits comfortably. 

You want it snug but not too tight.  
If you pull it too tight, it will distort the pattern on the sock.
Photo: Very carefully, put a pin in the sock to hold the layers together. (Be careful so you don't scratch your doll.)  Continue pinching and pinning all the way to her foot.
Photo: Once you reach her foot, continue pinning around her heel and over the bottom of her foot.  Very carefully remove the sock. This is the hardest part, because your pins will want to pop out.
Photo: When you finally get the sock off, it should look like this. The pins are your sewing line.
Photo: Set your sewing machine on a short, straight stitch.  (No need to use a stretch stitch.)  Sew along the pin line, removing the pins as you go.  You may want to baste that line by hand first, then sew on your machine.  When you sew by machine, start about a half inch away from the edge and back stitch over the edge, then sew all the way around the sock and back stitch again.
Photo: You can also sew your socks by hand, just make little tiny stitches and tie good knots at the cuff and the toe. 

When your done sewing, trim away the extra sock, about 1/4" away from your sewing line.
Photo: Turn your sock right side out.
Photo: Use your completed sock as a pattern for the other sock. 
Turn the other sock inside out and lay it out flat. 
Lay your completed sock on top of the other sock and baste around it. 
Then sew, cut and turn it right side out.  

NOTE:  If you want to make lots of socks, trace your completed sock on a piece of paper and cut out your pattern.  Pin your paper pattern onto your sock and sew around it.
Photo: When you put the socks on, make sure the seam runs down the back of the leg and under the foot. The toe will be a little pointy, but that's OK. Your doll won't mind! But be careful with shoes, some shoes may not fit when your doll is wearing socks.