Brahmankanda, Faridpur - Prabhu Jagadbandhu's Residence at younge age
Mar 20, 2009Public
Photo: Brahmankanda Sri-Angan, Faridpur - the sacred LilaBhoomi of Prabhu Jagadabandhu during his childhood and young ages. This is the temple that contains the shrine with Prabhusundar's Bigraha
Photo: The shrine of Prabhusundar with Sri Mrinalbandhu Brahmachari - the resident prime sevait and incharge of the temple
Photo: One of the most attractive Bigrahas of Prabhusundar in all the temples of Mahanam Sampraday of Bangladesh
Photo: Another close-up view of the Bigraha
Photo: The famous "Panchabati"  (Tamal, Amlaki, Haritaki, Bel & Neem) first hand planted by Prabhusundar himself in Brahmankanda Sri-Angan arena
Photo: Sri Mrinalbandhu Brahmachariji in the attached garden at Brahmankanda Sri-Angan complex. It is indeed a pleasure to stroll in the garden and enjoy the pleasant beauty amidst its various plantations.
Photo: A view of the Chalta tree planted by Prabhusundar himself!
Photo: The Bigrahas of Radha and Krishna with a little Bigraha of Prabhusundar and a framed picture of Baba Lokenath (on the side) both worshipped daily with Radha Krishna - built privately in the village of Brahmankanda at a short walking distance from Brahmankanda Angina of Prabhusundar.
Photo: The privately built by the family of late Tapan Banerji in Brahmankanda village, Faridpur, Bangladesh - the temple of  Radha Krishna containing the previously mentioned Bigrahas (Deities).