Running Oregon
Apr 11, 2012Public
Photo: Driving to Seaside, OR
Photo: Getting our feet wet - with Matt Bonds.
Photo: Heading out the next day - fully loaded.
Photo: Hitting sweet forest roads through the Coastal Range
Photo: Little do I know - GPS will soon go kaput
Photo: I didn't see anyone all day on these closed roads - eventually I had to bail for Hwy 26
Photo: End of day 1 on a forest road off Hwy 26
Photo: Snowy roads - Day 2
Photo: Hail!
Photo: Making tracks
Photo: Campsite 2 - not so nice
Photo: Beaverton's Finest on Hwy 26
Photo: Fairhaven State Mental Instution - do I belong here?
Photo: Happy in my new (very visible) puffy jacket. Secretly camping behing the Grange
Photo: Columbia Gorge
Photo: Multinomah Falls - Day 5, ~130 miles in..
Photo: Pretty Boring Interstate
Photo: Claudia at Cascade Locks
Photo: Old Historic (and barricaded to cars) Columbia Highway
Photo: Way up above the Interstate
Photo: Shores of where the Deschuttes empties into the Columbia
Photo: Google 'walk' put me on this 'road'!
Photo: Almost the end of a 53 mile day