Kilimanjaro Circuit Run
Jul 5, 2013Public
Photo: The best adventures start with doodles
Photo: And then the progress to real maps (and beer)
Photo: And then the details got real
Photo: We started from the Rongai Gate, northeast corner of the park near Kenya
Photo: We tagged along with the second S2 group for the first night (they all made it to the top!)
Photo: The next day we  made it above the clouds and onto the circuit  - 3rd cave campsite (3,936m 12,913 ft)
Photo: Trying to carbo load in our make-shift kitchen
Photo: All light up at 5:03 am the next morning. My birthday!
Photo: Maybe without the headlights on?
Photo: Sun rise over Mt. Mawenzi (5149m,16893ft), a cousin peak joined by 'the saddle'  1:17 into run
Photo: Cutting arcross the saddle sans trails and sans lights to avoid rangers
Photo: Sunrise over Mawenzi
Photo: Always running above the clouds was a treat
Photo: Sometimes it looked so reachable, but almost always ~5,000 feet above us still
Photo: Skating on lava over clouds
Photo: We were almost always goin up or down!
Photo: We started to run into porters and climbers
Photo: Primary energy and electrolytes =  PROBAR (Thanks!)
Photo: Even Jacob chowed down
Photo: Up and close - almost 4 hours into the run
Photo: Top of the Barranco Wall (4,219m, 13,842ft), - a scramble down and then up the opposite valley!
Photo: Now that is some running!