Kilimanjaro Climb
Jun 27, 2013Public
Photo: So warned - at Lemosho Gate
Photo: And then we were off!
Photo: Up windy and slick trails in the rain forest
Photo: This ant nest should have a sign 'do not touch'
Photo: Getting above tree line after lunch on our second day.
Photo: Not tired enough after our day trekking up to ~12,000ft,  Liam and Kim invited me on a killer ~5 mile run across the Shira Plateau
Photo: Testing out my ultraspire fastpack for the circumnavigation, Shira Plateau on Kilimanjaro.
Photo: Liam reaching for the sky, Kili is lost in the clouds behind him. Soon to come.
Photo: Liam bombs down some single track
Photo: And a beautiful sunrise on day 3 - Shira Camp
Photo: we got our first views of Kili
Photo: We headed ast across the plateau, Martha stoked as usual.
Photo: Almost a full moon over Kili from Moire Camp. The summit looks close enough to run up. (not).
Photo: Thanks Runa for the Clean Energy. Twice the antioxidants of green tea - hard to beat.
Photo: Jacky and Debby and Jacob rocking toward Barranco Camp.  Day 4:
Photo: Yeah - your job is sooooo hard. Try being a high altitude porter.
Photo: And then the world was truly lava.
Photo: Just a few more steps to Lava Tower camp for lunch, but these things take time at ~15,000 ft!
Photo: Surreal landscape, pulling into Barranco Camp - evening of day 4.
Photo: A frosty Barranco Camp, morning of day 5.
Photo: It's hard to see, but the Barranco Wall across the valley is a near vertical scramble.
Photo: And up it we went!
Photo: Soaring high,  at Karanga Camp for lunch